HBO Max vs. Netflix (2022Q2)

I’ll tell you my story. I have a 1080p HD TV with a Xiaomi MI BOX 4. I have issues with HBO since the GO Edition, than with the Max Edition too (v52.20.0.13… whatever) that’s enough! No HBO app in Play Store for months and so on. I switched to Netflix, doesn’t bother me the small percentage higher HD price, I use Standard Netflix package in 1080p right now. No one can tell me that HBO Max worth the money, I waited to use the app in Hungary and Hungarian content availability fails much in 2022. So these issues are there. That’s enough. I’m finished. It’s a service, and I won’t pay for nothin’!



Let me tell you the truth, actually there’s no need to have an ‘external’ antivirus these days IMHO:

Android has inline Play! Protect protection.
Windows has inline Defender protection.

There’s a lot of advantage of what inline protection has:

  • fresh updates
  • accurate updates
  • full range of updates

And all of these are in the background…
But there’s some disadvantages of the default protection:

  • VPN not included

Unfortunately no fresh protection without updated definition files, so updating proper protection is pretty important though.



My first experience with fast & predictable food delivery

In general:

It’s a Finnish company: accurate, fast, predictable, but not always the cheapest solution for food delivery.

Personal experience:

I’m a fresh user, I have serious disadvantages with other food felivery services.

I would rather spend a little more and get what I want and get when it’s been said than I spend a little less and not get what I want after an hour later on…

So, actually I prefer this service than others, I can follow when the courier arrives, I think this is an important information for the customer, and it is precise & accurate enough.

Thank you for reading.



Without the need of being complete

Android 10

  • System: Settings > Display > Dark Mode
  • EDGE browser (can do on Android):
    Settings > Appearence > System default
  • Other apps can use default settings for dark mode as well and dark mode for web pages solution on Android not exists still for EDGE+Chrome :(

Windows 11