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Web Designer is an umbrella term of peoples working on the web regarding content and planning side. Actually a web designer designing UIs, reviewing UX pitfalls and probably do HTML, CSS tasks.

Frontend Designer is especially do the workflow of creating usable HTML, CSS and JS code for Fronted Development. Leaving behind CMS based things (AJAX, OOP JS, complicated frameworks, Full Stack related things).

Now we can see, Fronted Designer is a specialised Web Designer. Web Designer only be an inclusive definition of a Designer working on websites/webapps/whatever UI. Frontend Designer is much more then that, Fronted Designer is the part of app/site creating process as well, useful member of the team.




Today is the day when I can taste the new version of MIUI interface of Xiaomi mobiles. #UXUI

At the first, I have a frustrating issue with MIUI v12.5, so I start with this, cause it is also fixed:

  • Dark Mode problems with images and some apps: inverted avatars been solved as far as it can be seen…

Pretty good new feature is zoom & scroll capability extensions:

  • Gallery apps support zoom feature scale item numbers in one line. Pretty special one.
  • Scrolling in app has special effect I like pretty much!

Actually after 3 hours of usage I can share some of the new features, of course not all. Let me tell you I like this long awaited update. Well done!



Let me tell you the truth, actually there’s no need to have an ‘external’ antivirus these days IMHO:

Android has inline Play! Protect protection.
Windows has inline Defender protection.

There’s a lot of advantage of what inline protection has:

  • fresh updates
  • accurate updates
  • full range of updates

And all of these are in the background…
But there’s some disadvantages of the default protection:

  • VPN not included

Unfortunately no fresh protection without updated definition files, so updating proper protection is pretty important though.



My first experience with fast & predictable food delivery

In general:

It’s a Finnish company: accurate, fast, predictable, but not always the cheapest solution for food delivery.

Personal experience:

I’m a fresh user, I have serious disadvantages with other food felivery services.

I would rather spend a little more and get what I want and get when it’s been said than I spend a little less and not get what I want after an hour later on…

So, actually I prefer this service than others, I can follow when the courier arrives, I think this is an important information for the customer, and it is precise & accurate enough.

Thank you for reading.



Tamás Dohány

Tamás Dohány

🤖 IT specialist 🎨 senior frontend designer