Who is Web Designer? Who is Frontend Designer? Not a Frontend Developer? What is the difference? What is common?

Dohány Tamás
1 min readOct 27, 2022
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Web Designer is an umbrella term of peoples working on the web regarding content and planning side. Actually a web designer designing UIs, reviewing UX pitfalls and probably do HTML, CSS tasks.

Frontend Designer is especially do the workflow of creating usable HTML, CSS and JS code for Fronted Development. Leaving behind CMS based things (AJAX, OOP JS, complicated frameworks, Full Stack related things).

Frontend Developer is specialized for the code segment of the flow, and especially for the app frontend integrity. Working with Frontend Designer to create the UI, working with Full Stack Dev / Backend Dev for the app database and performance related options to be clear.

Now we can see, Fronted Designer is a specialised Web Designer. Web Designer only be an inclusive definition of a Designer working on websites/webapps/whatever UI. Frontend Designer is much more then that, Frontend Designer is the part of app/site creating process as well, useful member of the team.