The past 10 years — I’ve been a UI/Frontend Designer

Designer vs. Developer

Here are some review about the past 10 years before my current important steps being made. That’s my story, if you are interested in, go on:

First of all, I’ve been a wrong direction in my career. Although I’m a big fan of semantic web approach and styling things with CSS and I’ve been a course instructor of jQuery.

As far as jQuery can be a door to modern UI libs and frontend frameworks (React, Vue) with TWBS, I’ll never make these steps. I’m a Designer. An unicorn designer. A frontend designer. Just a UX developer still. As fas as it can be titled much. But never frontend developer with Vue, React, Angular and OOP things at all.

Not to mention the singularity of technology, AI things and so on, new tools, new APIs every day. This is not my desk any more.

But about CSS Grid System. It is changed the web layouts much. TWBS is not needed any more that way. Planning/designing viewports with CSS Grid System on-the-fly was interesting to me as a UX developer, I liked it very much.

Frontend remains in planning/designing state with huge dev related knowledge of mine about UI/UX, especially frontent tooling (DevTools and Lighthouse: Performance, Accessibility, SEO metrics)

I have been considering this steps for a while…





🤖 IT Professional 💻Senior UXUI Developer

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Dohány Tamás (@iamdtms)

Dohány Tamás (@iamdtms)

🤖 IT Professional 💻Senior UXUI Developer

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