I’m a Senior Frontend Designer

Frontend Design


My career start with UI Design in 2004: Photoshop (colors, shapes, layouts, typography, alignments) & CSS3 Media Queries (Method of applying styles based on media information. Includes things like page and device dimensions) https://caniuse.com/css-mediaqueries

Exact details

I’m tried to extend my knowledge at the age of semantic WEB: HTML5 (markup language) & constantly arriving new CSS3 modules:


I’m taleted in jQuery that time, later on I have been a course instructor in a Computer School. jQuery is pretty enought to understand by the knowledge of HTML & CSS. It was my handy toolset for UI/UX demos too. After time goes by Angular & React &Vue would have needed an OOP programming capabilities from a designer, so I can not make this step. In the design area, Photoshop has rivals: Figma, XD, Sketch.


“By the time the tea was ready, the tea service has broken.”

I’m stayed with my designer skills in one side: UX, UI, Usability, Accessibility and the other side with: HTML, RWD, CSS, SCSS (CSS prepocessor), Grid Layout, Typography, jQuery, GIT, PugJS (HTML preprocessor). With huge experience of CMS: Drupal, Wordpress, 11ty, Magento.


So that’s why I call myself a Front-End Designer.
Who is not a UI Designer. Nor a Front-End Developer:

Looking out: https://bradfrost.com/blog/post/frontend-design/




🤖 IT Professional 🎨 Senior Web/Frontend Designer

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Dohány Tamás (@iamdtms)

Dohány Tamás (@iamdtms)

🤖 IT Professional 🎨 Senior Web/Frontend Designer

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