Adding is easy, removing is pain…

2 min readAug 24, 2022
Google Photos


… this is why storage plans may works. For what? Why should I store all my photos in the cloud? Incomprehensible and expensive too. Check the details. It is a ‘free’ service.


As you may know, Android ecosystem well known photo ‘manager’ tool is Google Photos. With every pros and cons. People usually stores family photos and photos related much for the person.


As previously mentioned: ‘adding is easy, removing is pain…’ That’s it. Store your photos in a Google Cloud, and do not have any problem. It’s business. It’s a tie-in.


Backing up photos and getting space renewal is not so easy. I’m not store all photos in the cloud. I spent half an hour on reselect yearly photos to place in albums and for removal again. It takes time to manage selection for removal. People do not like to remove personal photos too. People do not want to waste time. It is two segments pointed to not remove everything from the cloud. Well done. Nice marketing.


Since I’m a persistent guy, I’m created my best practices to handle digital photo storage for my needs. Google Photos & Drive gives 15GB storage space can be enough for FREE until the end of time.