Choose a browser in 2022Q4? No way!

Dohány Tamás
2 min readNov 27, 2022

I have rounds. I use Google Chrome since I changed Firefox v4.0 in 2011. I use Googe Chrome since than. I have an idea this year, may I have another default browser from scratch? Let me show how browser market share works in 2022Q4:

At the first, Safari available for Mac/iOS only. Jen Simmons and her team do it in a right way for Apple users.

On Android, you can choose from Chrome/EDGE/Firefox and so. Android ecosystems advantages cames with Chrome. Not to mentin performance and integration parts.

On Windows, you can choose from Chrome/EDGE/Firefox and so. I did a tryout with Brave (Chromium based) as well. As I mentioned it in the prevous section: EDGE may fit well with Windows 10/11 for native reasons, but Chrome also an option as you may seen. (65% global stat)

About Firefox. I tried a lot, when I was a child, Firefox was the browser form v0.8 till v4.0. Firefox Focus and friends not going anywhere these days. We must sadly note that.

So finally, I can summarize that every ecosystem has its own browser works well with the environment:

Mac/iOS: Safari
Windows: EDGE/Chrome
Android: Chrome

The browser war is over. Long ago.