AutoDarkMode & WinDynamicDesktop working together


Having an article on this channel:


Have some detailed Windows 11 customization by getting light/dark toogle theme & wallpaper.Let’s start with custiomizing both app in our way:

  1. Auto Dark Mode ()
  2. WinDynamicDesktop ()


  1. Auto Dark Mode = for changing predefined light/dark themes with timing function
  2. WinDynamicDesktop = for changing predefined light/dark specific wallpapers with timing function


Both apps works as it needed, and do what it stands for. WinDynamicDesktop is pretty good in light/dark wallpaper collections, Auto Dark Mode do the rest in this topic, changing the theme especially can be set not to handle wallpapers. It is an OR statement:

wallpaper OR theme

At least some addition:
Some themes on WinDynamicDesktop has four state, not just two:




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