AI vs. ‘Design to Code’ method

At the first, there’s a fresh review about AI “new positions”: The Future of AI Technology: List of Jobs Where AI Will Take Over (

Actually, let me tell you the truth about ‘design to code’ development, it’s a special segment of web development, when professionals creates the markup, the style and the functionality (JS) of a webapp by getting a UI/UX plans/mockups/wireframes and so on… It’s a quite fluid first part of creating layout of the site with lots of brainstorming. I liked that much!

Today I think AI makes huge steps, especially in IT related stuffs: when I started this — in the end of the 90s — I did not realized that this is the field when AI can be better soon: Anima: Design to code | High-fidelity prototypes ( — exact solution by solving the process with algorithms, not humans.

I’ve seen this in the 2000s, I almost got insane by the way that ‘normal’ people can not realize this huge changes at all which comes alive day by day. But the slogan of me is still: better late than never…



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