A life on Android w/o Google Photos

Dohány Tamás
1 min readDec 31, 2022
Google Gallery app


A life. Without sync every shots to Google. I’m not that person who do this. It’s not that cool anymore. I had heavy rounds with export all photos from Google Photos. It was not easy, but useful. Worth it. I do not like ‘plans’ storing my photos in the cloud. It’s a business. Which I will not be a part of any more.


When Google Photos exported/closed, there are also apps for Android, seeing local photos/videos:

Gallery app

Finally, when a photo/video want to share with someone, create a Google Drive folder for it and copy to it, or simply share on social networks. Not to mention Google Drive sharing capabilities. That’s it.


Actually 15GB Google One space fills up quickly. With this solution, it takes longer and can be used for real purposes: Google Mail, Google Drive and so on.